All About Green Malay Kratom

Green malay kratom is very popular in its country of origin that is is used for many traditional medicines since its was recently introduced in outer world that is US where it is liked by many for the strong effects and high potency it holds.

Why people are more inclined towards this strain and no other powerful strain like maeng da because it has effects which lasts longer and it is a lot cheaper than maeng da.we can compare them but some people say there is no comparison as maeng da is best among all the other strains.

Kratom leaves just act like the morphine and green malay krtaom is mostly known as keetum in Malaysia.this strain provide relief from chronic pains and treats migraines and back pains effectively.each leaf of kratom is full of an alkaloid Mitragynine.leaves of green strains are dark green in color other strains have leaves of color red and white. Experts say combination of white and green strain is the best combination so far and the strongest one.

Green malay leaves are strong as they fight the damaged cells in the body and restore them and as it is a natural antioxidant it increases the immunity of the body.

Some prominent features of green malay are:

  • It keeps hormones of the body in balance.
  • It enhances the mood.
  • It improves the health.

Green malay is available in market in powder and capsule form and there are many online vendors who are selling it in cheap rates.

Benefits and side effects of green malay

Here are the benefits of green malay:

  1. It acts as an agent to enhance moods and deals with the mood swings.
  2. It helps a lot in increasing sensory and motor functions of the brain.
  3. If you feel low than it will increase the motivation in you.
  4. It is best as it produces euphoric effects.
  5. It is an excellent pain killer.
  6. It increases focus and determination to do things.

Side effects are also a possibility so here they are:

  1. You will experience jitters when you take it in high doses.
  2. Sometimes you experience hyper activity when you want to feel relaxed.
  3. Excessive sweating and itching is the most common side effect of this strain.
  4. Nausea and dizziness is also common side effects.

If you want to take green malay once or twice a day than 3 to 6 grams for one time is enough for you but if you want more doses than limit it between 2.5 to 4 grams per dose.heaver people must increase the dose according to their weight and light weight will adjust the dose according to their weight.yes effects may vary deoending on the height and weight of a person.

This is a smooth strain and works gradually so wait for 3 to5 hours for the effects to show properly.for relaxing effects low doses are enough but for more stimulating effects higher doses are recommended.


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